Adjustable Headrests

Customizable Comfort

Waterproof Longevity

Simple maintenance, cleaning, and relaxation

Comfort is seamlessly integrated into every Arctic Spas® feature. From rejuvenating hydrotherapy, to perfectly molded shuttle seating, we strive to offer ease and relaxation all throughout our spas. The desire for a tranquil spa experience led us to reimagine the design of traditional hot tub pillows, instead offering easily removable, pivot adjustable, and long-lasting headrests.

Arctic Spas® Adjustable Headrests perfectly cater to your unique needs. A seamless pivot feature allows our pillow to gently cradle your neck for maximum comfort, while easy removability provides a simple and quick cleaning routine. And, because these headrests fit flawlessly into your spa with a telescoping mechanism, you will never find your cushions submerged or floating away from your seat.

We have also redesigned our pillows to be made from incredibly durable EVA rubber, offering a comfortable base that won’t deteriorate or hold onto water. Traditional spa pillows are often manufactured from porous foam that quickly absorbs water and bacteria from your spa, leading to a rapid breakdown and frequent replacement. Instead of settling for less than the best, we have ensured our EVA Adjustable Headrests provide the perfect combination of comfort, innovation, and longevity, every time.

Arctic Spas headrest
Arctic Spas headrest
Arctic Spas headrest